Aikido Kishinkan

Ancient theory, modern practice

proud to be part of the ASI.

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Where are you?

The Aikido Kishinkan serves North Devon and is currently training at a gym in Barnstaple.

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Please get in touch via either our facebook page or send us a private message via facebook messenger

What is Aikido?

Yoshinkan Aikido is a martial art born from techniques historically taught to the best grapplers in a prominent samurai clan called the "Aizu" clan. The basic idea is that while it requires skill to best someone in combat, it requires more skill still to best them without killing them.

Because of the principle of non aggression inherent in aikido training, it has been adopted into many modern systems for security, police and military forces who are accountable for any physical intervention.

Put simply, you may think of the Yoshinkan system as a modern school of traditional Jiu Jitsu. There is no competition, the focus is on perfecting your own stance and movement, and learning a syllabus of techniques which over time will train and condition your body.

You will learn to keep your own balance, and break the balance of your would be attackers. In addition you will gain fitness and flexibility, all while having fun.

All of the training is built up in a way that protects you from injury and builds your confidence before attempting trickier parts of training.